Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Place Value in Math

We started math today with our first lesson on place value. Below is a great song the kids love about place value. Three things about today's lesson:

1. Place value position: This refers to where a digit is. Is it in the one's place, ten's place, thousand's place, million's place, etc? For example, in 2,193 the place value position of the 9 is the tens place.

2. Value of a digit: This refers to how much a digit is worth. For example, in 2,193- the value of the 9 is 90.

3. Increase or decrease. Students will be asked to compare two numbers and tell if the second number is an increase of the first number, or a decrease. For example, 32,567 and 52,567, the second number is an increase of the first. The ten thousand's place increased by 2, so the overall increase is 20,000. It is often helpful to line the two numbers up vertically for easy comparison.

I hope this is helpful to you.
Class Name Word Find is due tomorrow
Math homework 1.1 (first page of the tan packet-front and back) is due tomorrow.
There are some important music papers in your child's homework folder tonight.
Art tomorrow!
Have a great evening!

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