Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Day

The school year is off to a good start. We spend the morning learning about 4th grade (what we are going to do and how we are going to do it). The highlights of the day, according to the kids, were: gym, story time, and the Senteos.

A little bit of homework today. Sorry, but it had to happen eventually. The homework is "A Letter to Me." The students are to write a letter to themselves to be opened on the last day of school. The idea behind this is to capture the students' thoughts and feeling on the first day and how they change over the course of the school year. It's a bit like a postal time capsule. I'm looking for at least 4 sentences (what they did today, things that they like, things that they are looking forward to, etc.). Some students finished in class, but the majority needed a little extra time that we didn't have today.

Be sure to sign the planner and check out the pictures below. Music class is tomorrow.

Have a great night!

Trying out the Senteos!

Organizing supplies.

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  1. Thanks for keeping a class blog. It's fun to see the pictures and provides good topics to discuss with my daughter.

    Paula Rutherford