Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28-May 2- Minnesota's Logging History and 3-D Shapes

This Week's Notes:
Reading: We will be reading about Minnesota's logging history (see link below "Sweat Pads"). There is no spelling homework this week. But we will be studying homophones again. See the spelling page for 6 sets of homophone practice.

Math: We start studying Unit 10 in math on 3-D shapes. We will be working with spheres, cubes, prisms, and pyramids. The students will be learning how to find surface area of a prism.

Social: We will be studying water resource issues in the Southwest. The main focus will be on the importance of the Colorado River to the area.

Extra:NWEA testing is this week (Monday- Reading, Wednesday-Math).

Have a great week!

Surface Area Tutorial

Does this make a cube?

Homophone Quiz

Tree Guardians Sweat Pads, Logging Berries, and Blackjack

Minnesota Historical Society Pictures

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