Monday, September 17, 2012

Curriculum Morning Follow-Up

Hello Everyone,

As a follow up to last Wednesday's Curriculum Morning, here is the information I covered.

Classroom Routines:
• Homework-
  1. Vocabulary and Spelling. This is assigned on Monday and due Friday. Students are given time to work in class on both of these assignments on Monday. Spelling tests are on Friday. See the spelling tab at the top of my blog for more practice.
  2. Math- Typically every night (students are usually given time to start in class and this should not take more than 15-20 minutes) 
  3. Time to read (20+ minutes) 
  4. Special Assignments (infrequently) 
• Independent Reading In class everyday for 30-40 minutes. Kids choose, recommend books to others, journal, meet with me weekly.

• Planner Homework Messages (check in morning) Students self-assess their day Stamp from me, signature from you

  • Language Arts (Reading, Writing, Spelling, Grammar, Handwriting) 
  • Math (Math Expressions) 
  • Social Studies (The United States- History, government, economics, geography)
  • Science (Water, Magnetism & Electricity, Rocks and Minerals, Wolf Ridge) 
  • GATES (Math with Mrs. Dunn is Monday-Friday, Reading is Tuesday-Thursday)
Classroom Blog- Links to websites, spelling, vocab

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