Thursday, September 24, 2009

Exclamatory and Imperative Sentences

Homework Tonight:
  • Math Review sheet on rounding- both sides
  • Math and spelling tests tomorrow
  • Don't forget to bring two stamps and two envelopes for tomorrow's writing project
  • Social Studies Poster- Geographer: Draw a picture of a state you might want to live in and explain why. Historian- Draw a timeline with 5 events from your life. Economist- write a short story about a time you earned some money. Political Scientist- write a note to Mrs. Swanson about something you would like changed about the playground.
Other Notes:
  • Innisbrook Fundraiser is ongoing
  • Picture day is next Tuesday, (9/29) @ 11:45- (we have Phy. Ed. that day at 9:05)

Exclamatory Sentence Examples:

* Mr. O'Brien is the best! (Erin)
* I love ice cream! (Joelle/Samantha/Mrs. Schneider)
* Wow, that is awesome! (Amy)
* Yippee, we won the game! (Anna)
* Samantha loves to swim in ice cream! (Lauren)
* Sophia loves my scarf! (Makayla)

Imperative Sentence Examples:

* Grizzly, stay away from my mailbox. (Ben)
* Get me a clean diaper, please. (Kristina)
* Sam, stop stealing my stuff. (Abby)
* Go right on Nelson Avenue. (Victor)
* Go get my coat. (Parker)

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