Monday, February 23, 2009

Short Week- Ice Fishing

A couple of notes for the short week:
No spelling!
Conferences are Tues., Feb 24th 4-8PM, Thurs., Feb. 26th 4-8PM, and Friday Feb 27th during school hours.

This week we reading about ice fishing. Check out picture to link to the article. We took a short survey about being out on the ice. Here are the results:
Have been on the ice (at least once) 100%
Have been ice fishing 75%
Have skated on a lake or pond 92%
Have been in a car on the ice 52%
Have been on a snowmobile on the ice 52%
Have been on an ATV on the ice 24%
Have played hockey on the ice 56%
Have skiied on the ice 28%. Here are a couple YouTube videos we watched about ice fishing:

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