Monday, November 3, 2008

Puffins, Planets, and grandParents

This week's spelling words:

Night of the Puffings
cared, dairy, unfair, rarely, stared, dared, glare, airplanes, barely, farewell, software, staircase, everywhere, carefully, square, therefore, uninhabited, venture, nestles, instinctively
Bonus Words:
geothermal, Reykjavik, geyser, Scandinavia

This week's reading story comes from Iceland. Click here for info on Puffins.

This week's schedule:
Monday: Phy. Ed.
Tuesday: Music & Book Fair
Wednesday: Art & Computer Lab
Thursday: Phy. Ed., Computer Lab, & Grandfriend's Day
Friday: No School

Homework: Spelling word find & Vocab notebooks due Thurs, workbook pg 49 for tomorrow
Math: 6.4 -Stem-and-Leaf plots both sides for tomorrow.
Science: Read pages 2 through 8 in Solar System.

For practice with stem-and-leaf plots click here. You will need to enter some numbers for sample data. Separate numbers by pressing "return."

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