Monday, October 8, 2007


Today we learned about filler. Good writing can get bogged down and heavy if you include unnecessary details. Check out the comments to see some examples. Students picked a topic, began writing as usual and inserted some filler. The students had fun inserting odd and interesting filler sentences. See if you can spot the filler.


  1. From Sarah,


    Summer is my favorite season. My birthday is in the summer. We get to go swimming a lot, too. Everyday in the summer I plant flowers with my mom and grandma. My dog ate my homework in the snow. Summer is awesome!

  2. From Natalie

    I like MileyWorlds because it's fun. You get to chat with people online. You have to have a mileyworld card though. Llamas are weird.

  3. From Grant:


    Corn is good. I like corn. Corn smells funny. Corn is yellow. My dog likes corn. I like my dog. My dog is black. Back to corn, corn is my favorite food. There is corn in Iowa. All you can see there is corn. Iowa rules!

  4. From Tori:


    I like skating. Skating is fun. You can learn cool tricks. I don't live by a lake. Skating is one of my favorite things.

  5. From Kylie


    I like baseball. Baseball is fun. I like horses. Playing in a baseball game is fun. Harry Potter books are great. Shopping is boring. I love baseball!

  6. From Evan:


    I like llamas. I saw a llamas on a trip and I saw a cougar-like animal chasing a llama. Llamas are furry. Farmers hate wolves. I like big, red barns. Hunters have guns.

  7. From Alex:

    I like sports. My favorite sport is football because it's fun. I'm also a physical person and I think it's cool. I like chimmy-chongas.

  8. From KateR

    I love summer. I like summer because I love swimming. I like playing outside. I also like to play with my friends. I like cheese. I luv pie.

  9. From Caitlin


    I love waffles. They taste good, especially when they have syrup. Once I ate a chicken nugget and I like, burned my tongue. You can't cook waffles too long, or they will burn. Did you know that clouds are made of cotton? Waffles have been around a long time. Yesterday, I saw a purple, double-decker limosuine. Waffles are the best!

  10. From Ella


    I like animals. Animals can be fluffy, soft, scaly, and more. Animals can be pets or wild. Animals are cute. My favorite animal is the horse. Animals are fun to own. I love New York.

  11. From RyanP


    I have a dog. Skateboarding is my sport. I like it because my friends can't do it and I like sugar and more sugar and more!

  12. From RyanR

    PB and J

    I like PB and J because because there is a good creamy filling in the middle. But I don't like when people touch it. Did you know 1+1 equals window? I tripled yesterday on a ladybug. I luv PB and J when my sister makes it.

  13. From Marshall

    How I Play Baseball

    When I play baseball I hit. I mow the lawn. I play outfield. I take a bath tomorrow.

  14. From Bailey

    My Favorite Sport

    My favorite sport is baseball. I like it because it is fun. I am a good hitter. I met someone who was French. He likes French toast! Toast is good. I like baseball.

  15. From Max:

    Hockey is a Good Sport

    Hockey is a good sport for Minnesota. Because if you need ice, we've got it. It is good because there are cold winters. The hockey players look weird. Hockey is good too because people like it.

  16. From Matt:


    Garbage is smelly. Garbage doesn't like soap. I like soap. You can take a shower with it. Soap and shampoo are alike because they both make bubbles. The garbage is not the place to put soap and shampoo.

  17. From Zak:


    Baseball is cool. Yes, I got 1 K! One time Joe Mauer hit a homeru! I'm really thirsty. Baseball is a popular sport. Zak get off of the computer.

  18. From Andrew:

    My favorite state is Florida. It has a sweet Nick Hotel. I live in Minnesota. I love video games. I want to go back to Florida. I don't like dogs. Florida is by an ocean. I like fish.

  19. From KateH

    School Letter

    Dear Rachel,
    Hello! I have made friends at school. My teacher's name is Mr. O'Brien. My feet smell. My friends are KateR, Ellie, and Caitlin. I like cheese. Mr. O'Brien is really nice. Gotta go!

  20. From Taylor

    Harry Potter

    Harry Potte rocks.He is so brave. Turtles have shells. Harry's enemies. Harry's enemy killed his parents. He has two best friends.

  21. From Ellie


    Monkeys are crazy and fun to play with. I like bananas. Don't you? Monkeys like pillow fights. I love monkeys!

  22. From Brayden:

    Video Games

    I like video games. They are fun. I like pie. I love to play video games a lot! I'm good at them.

  23. From Jacob R.


    I like grass. It's green and soft. Grass doesn't like lawnmowers. The sky is blue. I like crayons. Crayons are pretty. I like eggnog.

  24. From Katelynn:

    My favorite season is fall. I like fall because I can jump in leaf piles. My favorite color leaf is red. The ocean is blue. I learned my colors from the fall leaves.

  25. From Rob:


    The first thing you do to run is run. Then move faster and faster. Someone threw an eraser at me yesterday.